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  • Country: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  • Location: South Asia.
  • Specialties: Nepal is a landlocked country. Eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains are in Nepal, including Mount Everest (Sagarmatha), also more than 240 peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m) above sea level. Siddhartha Gautama known as Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born in Lumbini.
  • Bordering Countries: North by the People’s Republic of China, and to the south, east, and west by the Republic of India.
  • Capital: Kathmandu
  • Became a Kingdom: 21 Dec 1768.
  • Became a State: 15 January 2007.
  • Became a Republic: 28 May 2008.
  • Moto: “Mother and Motherland are Greater than Heaven”.
  • National Anthem: “Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka”
  • Official Language: Nepali.
  • Regional Languages: Bhojpuri, Tharu, Gurung, Tamang, Magar, Awadhi, Sherpa, Kiranti, Limbu and other 100 different indigenous languages.
  • Demonym: Nepali.
  • Government Style: Federal republic.
  • Legislature: Parliament
  • Area: 147,181 km2 or 56,827 sq mi
  • Population: 30 million approx.
  • Currency: Nepalese Rupee (NPR).
  • Time Zone: UTC+5:45
  • Driving Side: Left.
  • Internet TLD: .np
  • Calling Code: +977
  • National Animals: Cow.
  • Coordinates: 26° 32′ 0″ N, 86° 44′ 0″ E.
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There are number of destinations to explore around the world. Similarly, Nepal is one of the most travel destination once in your life. It is a beautiful small south Asian country lies in-between India, China and Tibet. Nepal is the country of world famous Himalayas including Mt. Everest. Nepal is the country where Lord Buddha was born. Nepal is the country where you can go for cultural tour, school educational tour, honeymoon tour, family tours, adventure tours, wildlife tours and more.

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